Charles River Wheelers Welcomes E-Bikes!

Whatever your personal feelings are with regard to the latest bike to hit the streets, e-bikes are here to stay and they will become the fastest growing part of our biking community! 

Several months ago, Larry commissioned the Committee of Steve Carlson, Bob Wolf, Bernie Flynn, Greg Trerotola and Eric Simon to explore best practices with regional clubs on e-bikes policies to develop Charles River Wheeler's position.

Many, if not most clubs, have not adopted policies at this point, and this is likely due to regulatory delays at the State and Federal level. 

However, the Committee and the Board quickly and unanimously agreed that we welcome e-bike riders into all of our group rides and century events. The biggest benefit of e-bikes is they are allowing riders to extend their riding and socialization further into their lives, despite medical or physical challenges. What better positive is there for a rider!

After a clear embrace of the technology, it was important to understand if there were any key requirements or prohibitors of these riders on a CRW ride. Fortunately, there are very few as it boils down to what is appropriate safety or rider etiquette for an e-bike rider, is primarily the same as for our traditional bike riders.

The most significant understanding for our members is: CRW only allows bikes that require the rider to be pedaling to engage the electric motor as opposed to some e-bikes which are actuated by a throttle even without pedaling. 

Regarding, other aspects of the requirements, please read the entire policy below.

So, with spring soon in full bloom, go ahead and buy that e-bike if so inclined because we don’t want you to miss any of our upcoming rides!   Be safe and have an enjoyable summer!

Charles River Wheelers Electric Bicycle Policy

Members and qualified guests of the Charles River Wheelers may ride bicycles with electric assist motors (e-bikes) on all club group rides and events with the same benefits and responsibilities of any rider, provided:

  • The bicycle must be pedal assist (specifically, the bike does not move without pedaling). Throttled e-bikes are prohibited.
  • Riding other than on a public roadway is under the rules and the jurisdiction of the governing body. 
  • It is the rider’s responsibility to know and obey CRW’s policy and the law.
  • All riders are to conform with CRW guidelines and policies.
  • An e-bike rider should be certain they have sufficient battery reserve for the ride they have chosen. It is not CRW’s responsibility to ensure that the e-bike rider is returned to the ride start should they run out of battery.




e-bike riders are also prohibited from tracking their rides on Strava as it is unfair to those riders who ride regular bicycles and the KOMs and PRs they have achieved.

My Wife, Carol and I have e-bikes. We are in our mid 70s and enjoy getting assistance with bike pedaling. We really like the e-bikes and recommend them to others who want to stay active.

E-bikes are also a nice option for those who are new to cycling and or who's fitness level may not be at the same level as the group they choose to ride with.
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currently, powered bikes are prohibited on trails, and I believe rightly so. There is legislation that could make it optional.