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Please note the following before accessing the Collections page:

  • If you have any questions, there is an email link on many of the collections pages. If not email
  • To add a collection to your RideWithGPS home page, go to the Collections page; select the collection(s) you want, and click the "Follow" button at the top. (If you're not logged into RideWithGPS, you will be prompted to do so). The collection and its routes will now be easily accessible from RideWithGPS.
  • CRW has done our best to develop interesting, rideable routes of various levels of challenge. But as you know cycling can be a dangerous sport, and users of routes in this collection must assume responsibility for their own safety.
  • There may be changes in the roadway or pavement, or there may be construction since the route was last vetted.
  • Note that even vetted routes can have inaccuracies, get out of date, or have pot holes or other hazards; as always cyclists ride at their own risk and must use their own judgement when choosing routes and riding them.
  • Parking may not be available at the day/time you choose to ride the route. Check in advance.
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CRW has started an initiative to curate and create the best cycling routes starting in towns in the club’s service area. The vision is that a rider in, say, Concord, will be able to go to the Route Collections, select the Concord collection, and retrieve a set of routes that represent the best biking you can find starting in Concord. The rider can follow the collection in RWGPS so they’re always easily available in their RWGPS app, and as a club member you get RWGPS premium benefits, including turn-by-turn directions on the cell phone app.

The incentive for undertaking this project is our changed riding habits in the Covid era. Many of us are riding solo, or with one or a few other riders who live nearby. Mostly we are riding routes starting from our own homes, or meeting friends in the same town.

CRW is addressing this situation by curating collections of the best routes from each town. We feel this would be a great resource for cyclists in the area, especially during this unusual time. We already have over a dozen collections in our on the Collections page

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Route Collections Feedback

We's like to hear your experiences following the routes in the CRW collections. Let is know what you liked or didn't like about the routes. Points of interest, things to watch for or watch out for.

Enter information about a route in the CRW RideWithGPS account: comments, additions, corrections. If you comment on a road hazard or mistake in the cuesheet, please try to indicate the mileage on the route where this occurs, or reference the nearest cue..

RWGPS route # Title By
33403020 Carlisle Bedford Rd Barry Nelson